5 Best Online Graphic Design Tools For Newbies [Free]

The very first step to start designing is choosing a suitable graphic design tool. A beginner spends hours finding out the best design tool. In the end, those hours of research ends with a lot of confusion. There are several visual design tools available out there.

Some tools need proper training to use, and a few only require basic knowledge of designing. Alright! We have made your work a lot easier with these five best online graphic design tools list. Today, we will be mentioning free online graphic designing tools with their features. These tools will help you create fantastic creative visuals. So, pick the best for yourself from the below-mentioned tools.

Best Online Graphic Designing Tools

These are free online graphic designing tools.


Image Credit: www.canva.com

Canva is a graphic design tool that lets you design stunning graphics for free. It is a perfect design tool for beginners to create visuals with its drag and drop feature. Canva also offers premade templates and eliminates the process of designing creatives from scratch. 

Moreover, you get access to more than 8,000 free templates with 100+ post types. Canva also allows you to schedule content for media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. You can add black and white effects, glitch effects, and more to your posts with this tool.

Features Of Canva

  1. With Canva, you can create unlimited designs and customize them in a few clicks.  
  2. You can add icons, shapes, stickers, grids, gradients, etc., to your visuals with this tool.  
  3. In Canva, you will find dozens of fonts, ranging from simple fonts to fancy fonts. 
  4. It lets you design posts with its drag and drop functionality and makes your work simple. 
  5. You get multiple pre made templates of different categories such as social media, marketing, education, and more. 

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Image Credit: Figma.com

Figma is a free web-based graphic design and application interface design tool. It lets you design all types of creatives as per your call. You can create social media posts, application interfaces, website interfaces, and more. Figma is known as an alternative to an excellent graphic design tool called Sketch. 

One of its best features is, it works directly in your browser. You don’t need a high-end laptop or PC to use it. Figma comes with an easy-to-use interface to design graphics from zero. Moreover, it also has a vast library of free and premade templates. 

Features Of Figma

  1. Figma has a real-time collaboration feature to see what your teammates are doing with the design at the moment. 
  2. It comes with multiple premade and easy-to-customize layouts to create posts quickly. 
  3. You don’t need to store files on your device; it automatically saves them in the cloud server and saves your storage. 
  4. Figma also has a learning section where you can learn design with Figma. 

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Design Wizard

Image Credit: Medium.com

No matter what you want to design, Design Wizard is always there to make graphics easily. It is a free and the most straightforward visual design tool on the web. Design Wizard is similar to Canva in terms of the user interface. 

As a result, it is great if you are switching from Canva to Design Wizard. In the Design Wizard, you get access to over one million copyright-free images. Also, you will find tons of ready-made templates to create visuals instantly. 

Features Of Design Wizard

  1. Design Wizard allows you to create posts for multiple social media channels in varied dimensions. 
  2. It features an easy to handle interface, which is best for beginners in graphic design. 
  3. With Design Wizard, you can create social media posts, advertisements, marketing gear, and more. 
  4. Design Wizard offers over 15,000 templates for free to make beautiful creatives. 

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Image Credit: Piktochart.com

Piktochart is an online graphic design tool to design professional-looking infographics in a short time. It allows you to develop engaging infographics in various formats. With Piktochart, you can create posters, flyers, reports, pitch decks, and many more. 

It is one of the best platforms to design attractive infographics and reports online by choosing the right design. You can also embed charts, hyperlinks, interactive maps in your infographics. Piktochart offers different templates to create appealing infographics in a few clicks.

Features Of Piktochart

  1. Piktochart permits you to design and download images in high quality. 
  2. It highlights loads of ready-made designs of infographics, flyers, pitch decks, reports, and many more.
  3. You can add icons, images, and logos to your infographics to make them likeable. 
  4. Piktochart has an easy-to-use interface. 

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These are the best online graphic design tools. Here is a small bonus for you. We have listed some free and advanced visual design tools to level up your game. 

Bonus Tools

These are the free graphic design tools. 


Image Credit: Photopea.com

Photopea is a free and refined online editing application. It is an alternative to a paid tool Adobe Photoshop. Photopea offers similar features to Adobe Photoshop. You can use Photopea to create interactive graphics and also make some tweaks to your existing images. 

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Inkscape is one of the finest and powerful vector designing software. One of its best parts is, it is available for free. It lets you design professional vector arts efficiently. Inkscape is one of the best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, a paid tool by Adobe. With Inkscape, you can create logos, banners, flyers, cards, website design, badges, and so on.

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We have finally looked at the best online graphic designing tools. 

Now, a few questions might be striking in your mind repeatedly, like What are the benefits of learning graphic designing? What is the scope of graphic designing? 

Alright! We have something for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Graphic Designing?

Learning new skills has always been the best thing. As a student, it improves your resume and also helps you create a new source of income. As a result, graphic designing also has many benefits. 

Career Opportunity: The craze of social media marketing is booming with time. Businesses want to generate more sales and leads by putting graphics on their social media channels. You can get a chance to work with leading SMM companies with the help of graphic design. 

Freelance Opportunities: Another benefit of learning graphic designing is entering into freelancing. Nowadays, everyone wants to quit their 9 to 5 tedious jobs and enter into freelancing. As per a report, An amateur freelance graphic designer earns as low as $13 per hour. It means you can make around Rs 967 per hour.

Image Source: Eksposure.com

Stable Income: Does your current job have less salary? Then, it is time to learn some new skills to generate a steady income. Graphic designing can generate a stable income for you. According to a report, a junior graphic designer can earn Rs 236k per annum. 

That’s enough for this article. We hope you have picked the best graphic design tool for yourself. 

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