How to become a Digital Marketing Freelancer at entry level

For becoming a freelancer you need to have actual practical experience foremost.

You must have good Hands on Below Components of Digital Marketing:

  1. Google Ads (PPC)
  2. Social Media Marketing and optimisation
  3. Search engine Optimization
  4. Copywriting and Graphics editing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Website Design
  7. Basic Marketing and Consumer psychology
  8. Some More

But wait You don’t have to be an expert in all these above.

Just choose what Interests you and start learning. There a tons of resources and online courses.

Along with learning grab some free projects from the people who want to build an online presence but struggling. Search new local website in your region and provide them free Digital Assitance.

When they get values by your work, believe me, they surely pay you but wait to make them pay through any one of the freelancing sites and ask them to make a good review of your work.

So now you got the review = you are now a trustable person to work with as a freelancer.

Remember People only trust people who have already done or doing good work.

I hope you got the idea, We at digiGrow hub arrange regular 1-Day Digital Marketing Bootcamp where we let the students and job seekers discuss and train intensively in digital marketing and Growth Marketing tools.

You can freely contact us:

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