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How To Get Started With Social Media if You are Fresher in Digital Marketing

Social media is critical in transforming the consumer engagement; social media is redefining commercial marketing strategies using video on the Web, mobile devices, and traditional television (TV).

As a fresher Starting your career in Digital Marketing heads you towards every segment that requires to attract the customers toward your products. But sometimes we get confused especially in case of my self, thousands of ideas singing around my head and then the confusion leads to the unattractive marketing and less consumer involvement.

So to get started with which social media channel, I prefer, I use to analyze first the product and people. Understanding where the target audience is hanging out and analyzing their behavior such as what they are talking about and how they are shouting for the bad product.

Social Media chart


We have many social media channel, and people in it are having different behaviors for Facebook, pages, and group are the most important to communicate with the audience, as facebook timely updated its algorithm and news feature, you must be curious about these changes.

If your product consisted of descriptive services with partial visuals Facebook is the best channel to get started. In Facebook posts, you can b able to insert various emoticons, tags and website links.


Moving to Instagram it has more organic engagements than facebook but Picture are the most important pivot to grab the attention of the target audience.

On Instagram you cannot directly add website URL in the post, you have to add it in your Bio. Moreover, the role of hashtags are the most crucial one and you can target your Specific Organic audiences.

Instagram Marketing

So if you have a product which is primarily focused on the product visuals then Instagram is your first priority.


In my experience, Twitter is for the fast pacing consumer who wants updated release, company insight, news to keep up themselves connected with trends. If your product involves daily updates then this platform brings you the greater number of audiences.


Linkedin is best for business connection and letting know your audiences about the latest product review and business flexibility

If you are a digital marketer you can connect and network with many industrial experts from a different background and yes they help you also. Business to business organizations are leveraging LinkedIn to  the best.

Social networking websites act as a platform for peoples with similar interests, beliefs, and ideas. Users of social networking websites connect to each other with the purpose of finding and exchanging content. Some of the other ways in which social networking can be used are for self-disclosure and self-representation and thus create and manage a social or even a professional identity.

Social media, especially social network sites, might be an important agent of consumer socialization because provide a virtual space for people to communicate through the use of the Internet. We have many other social media platform which can be discussed in the upcoming article so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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