What is the future of digital marketing job in india?

Digital Marketing has an amazing future in India and across the world. With more than 15% of India’s population already using the internet in various types and sizes of device, it is imperative that growth and consumption of content, e-commerce etc is going to be a huge buzz.

digital Marketing Trends

But as the dynamics of digital marketing is changing every day, a digital marketer has to be quick, alert, smart and adapt to the latest changes. Not only that, digital marketer of today and tomorrow will have to anticipate changes and implement it way earlier than the change actually happens so take advantage of it

Let us see some facts and figures about why i think Digital Marketing is going to be the huge opportunity for existing and new players.

The Indian digital media segment is set for disruption with growth expected to reach INR 200 billion (INR 20000 crores) by 2020 with digital ad spend expected to grow at 23-28%. India has a large and growing millennial population – young, tech-savvy consumers with rising earnings potential and disposable income.

This demographic has historically been and will continue to be, an early adopter of new technology and new models of media consumption. India, therefore, is a market which is ripe for digital media investments. The demographics are all stacked in India’s favor for digital consumption.

By 2019, India will have more than 350 million smartphones. Inexpensive smartphones and the rollout of 3G and 4G broadband infrastructure are rapidly coming together to leapfrog traditional distribution and democratize online access. Together, these factors are the foundations for accelerated digital media consumption. The story about the future of digital content consumption and what it means for media. These trends stem from our analysis of hundreds of hours of dialogue with media executives and thought leaders, combined with many more hours of work helping our clients think through strategies and operating models for these pressing issues.

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