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Why blogging is good initiative for learning digital marketing.

So you’ve decided to dive in Digital Marketing Ocean which is having Lots of creative opportunities. But one question is budding around in your head “how do i learn digital marketing by my own”, this question is obvious if you are a self-taught person or i could say the replica of Elon Musk in self-learning.

blogging for digital marketing
why blogging is good for learning digital marketing

Let me tell you, in Digital Marketing, we always sound out that the Content is King, without creative content whether it is single line or 2000 words long blog article or a short product description copy, you should be good in content but wait, you don’t need to be a professional writer. A regular little writing will work like a charm if you practice consistently.

So Learning digital Marketing consist of many components to start such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Customer and Competitor research, email marketing, Retargeting, and so on.

Starting Blogging For article writing give you a better head Start to learning Digital Marketing as it inculcated Creative Marketing Mindset in you.

I have listed some Benefits that you will get while blogging which i believe will surely help in training yourself for becoming Creative Digital Marketer.


Increase your creative thinking:

Writing in the niche which interest you is most important, as it reduces the friction between you and long hour content research because you already know what to write and how to get the data.Hence it helps you increasing your Brain Performance, Self-expression, Boost in confidence, elevate Clear Communication.


Enhance Analytical Skills:

Now you Wrote you content and with some Youtube video about how to set up google analytics on your blog, you have just connected Google Analytics. With some visitor at starting you got the idea about how the visitor is interacting with you contents, how cohort works, how the bounce rate acts and many metrics. Here you are getting an in-depth view of your own content and learning analytics parallel with it.


Get your Social Media Marketing skills in hand:

So you have started a league of good helpful contents, but some of your audience is not finding it, here come the social media, build your social media pages on FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or according to you niche with suits you best. Then don’t upload the whole article! What! Yes don’t upload a full article, just extract the vital part in some line and give them a link to your site for full content reading.Use graphics with free tools like canvas or trello or other of your choice.

How different social media perform differently that i will discuss in upcoming articles.


Lets you Build your Email Community :

It’s time to learn How Email Marketing works. Build your email Community with MailChimp and start getting the email of your loving audience. Send them a mail with your creative content and retain them to your website blog to read full. Giving some helpful PDF is a good idea to be a good friend of email subscribes. Here you are trained with email marketing by yourself.


Increase your knowledge of various Digital Marketing Components:

There are other main components such as affiliate marketing, Paid Ads, Audience network ads etc. But this is the monetization components from which you can earn money, but you should focus on the content firm then go with this methods.

I will soon upload about how to learn adwords with live case study and tactics soon.

Wrapping up with this I want to let you know DigiGrow Hub is taking initiative by arranging Digital Marketing training for all who are interested in this In-demand fieldIf you want to decide whether this Digital career id perfect fit for you then I would recommend you to attend 1-Day in-depth Digital Marketing Boot Camp.

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